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As we all know sometimes in a relationship, especially long term relationships, things get sour, boring and then couples fall apart especial sexually. Here are some of the drinks that can actually increase chemistry between you and your partner sexually.

1. Red Wine:

Do you know that red wine actually increases testosterone in men, helps recharge hormones and makes both men and women horny by increasing their sexual arousal.Red wine actually does create bliss moment between partners especially when there is some form of body contact and good music.

Just a glass of red wine depending on your lovers threshold for alcohol can help do the trick. If you are ever in doubt on which red wine to buy for this moment, you can check out some Red wines that performs such wonders.

 2. Champagne: 

This increases the duration of foreplay, the number of positions and total duration of intercourse. According to Mid-day, The froth and fizz of this ‘elite drink’ is blessed with an amazing property which enhances sex drive. Having a glass of champagne before sex is said to turn the night more romantic and exciting.

Drink your favorite champagne and make it to the bedroom like never before. Even if the drink makes you high, you will be loaded with energy to make the night more romantic and the act more intense. That is the wonder of champagne. well try this and thank us later. Now going to buy drinks in the store could be stressful and it might even kill the mood of your lover, why not just order online and keep the romance going.

3. Tequila:


Tequila like the old say can cure anything except death. Tequila shots will definitely make your sleeves fall off quickly, especially for women.  If you partner is adventurous and likes to try it either ways, Tequila shots will charge up some form of rough and euphoric effect , when you are all set to go wild on bed, floor, or bathroom.

This is actually more beneficial to the women than men as it would most likely create a warm internal feeling inside of her and you know what that means but this also depends on how the shots are being served. If you are in doubt find out more ways to step up your drinks.

4. Brandy Alexander: Cognac and Creme De Cacao

This is practiced by the kings in the game. This classic cocktail is as decadent as it gets. Aged brandy combines with the luxury of Creme De Cacao – certainly a match made in heaven for the creme de la creme of romance. Ever heard of the fact that chocolate turns a woman on, well its not a rumor as this is more of a milk chocolate drink right from the other and not the actual brandy, and chocolate does spice up your sex life.

Have a glass of this smooth creamy drink and get set for an out-of-the-world sexual intercourse. Rather than spending time researching, simply take the drink and experience the difference. The clock might move slowly and steadily but like a lion ready to hunt, patience is key. This drinks can be gotten in different part but the mix and originality can be found at

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