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While there are lot of ways of testing fake liquor from an original one, like lab testing, for everyone there are 4 P’s to remember while checking the authenticity of the alcohol beverage you want.

You should remember the “4 P’s” while shopping Liquor:

#1    Place:

Always buy alcohol from a trusted store. Make sure the seller has a license. Do not buy it from a door-to-door vendor or unlicensed market traders.

#2    Price:

The first thing you should check is the price of the product. If you find the price of the liquor bottle you are inspecting below the expected range, don’t buy it, it is probably a fake.

#3    Product:

If you have tried the same liquor before, you could be aware of the smell of the product. So go on, smell it. If it smells foul, it is perhaps a fake. Also, look at the solution, if it looks dirty (not clear), or has suspended particles, DO NOT BUY IT and definitely avoid drinking it at all costs.


#4    Packaging:

Some of the very obvious clues can be found while inspecting the packaging. Check the spelling of the product, if the Smirnoff bottle you picked spells the name Smarnoff or Smurnoff, keep it right back and leave, don’t return to that store ever to buy anything.

Loose packaging can be indicative of a fake product as well. If your smartphone has a barcode scanner, scan the barcode to find out the truth. Brands are very particular about their products and how well they are packaged and how they are presented. The fakes will overlook this aspect.

The obvious signs to look at are:

  • Neatness of Packaging.
  • Finish of the packaging and the bottle.
  • Barcodes.
  • Spellings and brand names.
  • The Registered Trademarks and their absence from the bottle as well as the packaging.
  • The case / box of the bottle and it’s finishing.
  • The Shape of the bottle and the design language of it.

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