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It is a new year this 2019, most people would have probably committed themselves to numerous New year resolutions and would try from now try to stay committed. This is the same way Myshayo has decided to be even more committed to serving you better more than before this 2019.

We thank you for a very successful 2018 and now we are about to take you on a journey through our successful year in a bit.

Myshayo is as you know an e-commerce company center in improving the Quality online retail solution of Alcohol distributions in Nigeria. Alcohol is a very important products are its widely in distribution and high consumption globally but as it is being distributed worldwide, so are the fake replicas of authentic alcohol is widespread.  This is why we at Myshayo are stepping to bring you the best of authentic wines and spirit as we realize that an average consumer doesn't even know the difference, so it is consumed and they suffer the ramification.  This is why people do have the habit of only buying authentic wines & spirit from license distributors like Myshayo. To find out more on how to know authentic drinks, click here.


Myshayo has made it easier for people all around Nigeria to make purchase of Wines, sprites and different brands of alcohol considering we have made purchasing it easy with respect to good price. We can get you to get a price lower than the open market, you are not open to risk and it can be delivered to your doorstep.

We deliver nationwide and sometimes to other neighboring countries, we deliver after 24 - 72 hours after your order has been confirmed. If you have any problems or choose to make any further Enquires, please contact fulfillment on 09087188231 - 2, or just email at

To place order or even enjoy the massive discount at  also follow us on Instagram @myshayolimited and facebook at Myshayo , Twitter on @myshayo.

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