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Gather your friends together and get ready to have fun— and, you know, get drunk while you're at it. What better way to do that than by playing drinking games?


1. Never Have I Ever

What you need: Drinks and Couple of friends

Never Have I Ever is a great game to know your friends' secrets! You have to share something that you have never done before and the people who have will take a sip of their drink. For example, when I say, "Never have I ever been arrested," all those in the group who have been arrested will have a drink. The key here is to make your friends admit their embarrassing stories so watch out for what you say! you will be surprised how many people actually get drunk in this game.


2. Thumper

What you need: Drinks

This a quick and easy, everyone creates a signature hand motion. Then the game starts like this, everyone starts thumping on the table and shouting thumpers , the first person would do his signature move and someone else's signature move. the person whose signature move was done will then do the first persons signature move and pick another person's signature you randomly. The person would repeat the same thing and this would go on and on until someone misses it.  who misses it drinks up

3. Truth or Dare

What you need: Drinks

Truth or Dare is a popular drinking game, it never gets boring. You dare someone to perform a certain task, if they can't do the dare, they can request for another dare and if they can't also perform the second dare, then they will have to drink up. you can't dare someone to tell you the truth but you can ask a truth question and if the person doesn't want to answer, he or she can decide to drink up.  Now this game, as simple as it sounds is very very tricky and can unveil different personalities in people. let the game decide.



4. Flip Cup

What you need: Drinks, cups

Flip Cup is a good starter for a house party. There are two teams competing against each other. Both teams stand on opposite sides of the table and keep their cups with drinks at the edge. Everyone must finish their drink and flip the cup with there fingers to the upside-down position before the next member begins. The first team to complete this wins.

5. Buzz

What you need: Drinks

One of the easiest games, each player starts counting a number and says it aloud, except 7 and its multiples, in which case, you say buzz. If you don't, you drink. Simple!


6. Concentration

What you need: Drinks

The group sits in a circle and asks a 'name of animals' question. For example, everyone answers according quickly without repeating each other's answers, anyone that misses it will drink up. The truth is as the game goes on and people start to drink, it becomes harder to concentrate and respond.

7. Bite the Bag

This is a fun game which I am definitely trying this weekend. So you keep a bag on the ground and take turns to lean and pick it up using only your mouth. Mind you, no hands allowed. If you can't pick the bag, you have to drink. As each round passes, an inch of the bag is chopped, and this goes on for as many rounds till only the bottom of the bag is left.


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