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We all have our go to drinks be it a shot of tequila or a glass of fine red wine. I don't know about you but having the same drink over and over again can be boring and quite frankly tiring.

Here are 5 ways to step up your regular drinks,

1. Ice



Step up your drinks with ice and not just your regular ice but fruit ice for a new and refreshingly different tastes.

It may sound like a lot just for drinks but its quite easy simply chop up any fruit you like, stick the chopped bits into an ice tray add water and pop it into the freezer for some hours.

2. Frozen Fruits


If you think making the fruit ice cube is just too much and your lucking for a quick fix here you go, just freeze fruits and dump them in your drinks.

For a refreshing drink try freezing berries, grapes lemon, limes you name it you can do it all.

3. Smoke It Up



Do you want to really step up your drinks? Try adding dry ice to your drinks and watch it give a smokey and dramatic effect.

4. Mix It up!!!

There are loads of creative yet tasteful ways of mixing your drinks, and example is the classic Hennessy and coke a duo as old as we can remember.

Try adding a slice of lime or better still turn it into a jello shot who says you have to drink your

5. Fire

Do you want to take your drinks to the next level? Then blaze that baby up, simply add a fiery effect to your drink by simply adding fire.

Don't you get tired of having the same drink over and over again, your bound to get tired of it, branch out and try something new you never know you might get hooked.

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