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If you are here then you are READY to make some money.

So let us get to it:


Do you know anyone hosting a birthday, wedding, anniversary, house-party, or you're an event planner yourself? Then you are in luck, simply convince your friend or client to

buy their drinks from using your UNIQUE CODE and we will share the profit with you 50/50 on every single sale you make, yes 50/50!


Do it in 3 Quick steps:

Step 1: Create your UNIQUE CODE e.g. ABCD1234 (all caps)

Step 2: Send us your name, UNIQUE CODE, phone-number, location and bank details to

Step 3: Inform your prospect to use your UNIQUE CODE as the voucher code


Once you make a sale we credit your bank account, SIMPLE!


For more information, simply call or WhatApp us on 09087188231


Kindly re-broadcast to your contact too, you never can tell who needs this extra income!!


MyShayo Unique Selling Point

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