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About Us is the first stop at the thought of quality alcoholic drink purchase. We pride ourselves as the only online drink delivery platform that operates round the clock, thus providing an extensive selection of liquor and spirits, while we guarantee 100% authenticity. 


Our product pricing is very competitive and are sold at wholesale prices with over 700 varieties to choose from, while we offer speedy 24 hours delivery round the clock in Lagos & Abuja, and 48 hours in other states.


So if you are thinking of those house parties, get-togethers, weddings, bridal showers or any event at all, simply order online or call us at any time of the day i.e. 1am, 5am! We will be at your door in no time.



We have multiple payment options including Secure Online Payment or Wire Transfer.

We have a very reliable customer service for improving your shopping experience

We don’t accept cash at all.

We only sell our drinks in cases. i.e a case of drink can contain 6 bottles.

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